I have created LTCSafety to address the needs for improved Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response for Texas Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities.Participation on an MRC, DMAT, or SMAT offers the benefits of training and certain governmental liability protections.Rohr, OR and Dr. Chou, OR. Specialties include allergy, asthma, hay.The AAP, AAP chapters, medical societies, and state and federal government should also help pediatricians and pediatric practices survive and be resilient.Newman Family Medicine strives to provide our patients with informative resources on health and fitness.Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on Pediatrics.As experts in the health of children, it is imperative that pediatricians participate in such efforts and advise local and state officials.Project ChildSafe is the largest, most comprehensive firearm safety education program in the U.S. It was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the.

Every two weeks there is a fatal accident related to TV tip overs.Recommendations and key considerations (main points) in ensuring the health of children in disasters include the following: National, state, tribal, local,.Federal, state, academic, and private institutions should conduct more research on identifying gaps in knowledge of treatment of children in disasters and identifying best practices in addressing these deficiencies.Ideally, these partnerships should be established in advance of a disaster.

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Greenbrier Valley Urology Associates, Inc., in Ronceverte, Buckley, Low Moor, Princeton, West Virginia, in southern WV, includes urologists Drs.

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Before you clean out the expired or unwanted medicines in your home, make sure you know how to properly dispose of them.

The Overlake Neuroscience Institute, which is dedicated to advancing the fields of neurology and neurosurgery, providing leading-edge, compassionate clinical care and.The preexisting and longitudinal relationship between family and medical home, as well as the advanced clinical expertise of the pediatrician, can enhance the effectiveness of such efforts.WASHINGTON The Consumer Healthcare Products Association recently relaunched its site, featuring new resources, content and expert commentaries, as well.Going viral: adapting to pediatric surge during the H1N1 pandemic.Before returning to a disaster-affected area, a family needs to consider the roles and capabilities of children as well as the services and care available for them.Various resources are available to help pediatricians partner with schools and child care facilities in disaster planning. 20, 21 Families, institutions, and planners must prepare for the possible separation of children from their usual caregivers in a sudden disaster.

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CHPA introduces as the new home for its consumer education initiatives. 2009: CHPA launches the.Sign up for timely safety alerts delivered right to your inbox.

Many pharmaceuticals for adults do not yet exist or are not stockpiled in age-appropriate delivery formulations, whereas others lack pediatric pharmacokinetic and dosing data or have adverse effects, limiting their use in children.Joint policy statement—guidelines for care of children in the emergency department.Running out of time: physician management of behavioral health concerns in rural pediatric primary care.Many states and communities have developed coalitions to bring together the diverse government agencies, nonprofit organizations, health care providers, and other groups that collectively serve children.

The resumption of routine vaccinations will reduce the risk of secondary infectious disease outbreaks.The following links take you to patient-friendly information.Children differ from adults in physiology, developing organ systems, behavior, emotional and developmental understanding of and response to traumatic events, and dependence on others for basic needs.

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A novel image-based tool to reunite children with their families after disasters.Trying to determine if my son (age 3) is experiencing allergies or a cold.Find Customer Reviews and Ratings of is a program from the Educational Foundation of.All of these responses can manifest as developmental regression, withdrawal, clinginess, tantrums, enuresis, or somatic complaints, among other symptoms.Older children and adolescents should be included, not only as mock victims, but also as helpers and responders.The expansion of existing outpatient capabilities can ease the burden on emergency departments and hospitals while providing more cost-effective care.Dosing Common Cold Products in Children: New Guidelines. W. Steven Pray, PhD, DPh Bernhardt Professor, Nonprescription Products and Devices College of Pharmacy.Over-the-Counter Medication Misuse Over-the-counter medicine is also known as OTC or. Information to safely use OTC medicines.

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Ranitide is used to treat ulcers in the stomach and intestine.FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA warns of rare but serious hypersensitivity reactions with certain over-the-counter topical acne products.The Consumer Healthcare Products Association on Friday morning blasted an announcement to its e-mail.Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), founded in 1881, is the trade association representing the makers of over-the-counter medicines and dietary.

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Pediatricians can provide a crucial source of stability by quickly restoring access to routine and familiar medical care.

National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health Web site.State AAP chapters can be an important resource in providing support to affected pediatricians.Be sure to also check out this infographic from with more.Community institutions should include pediatric equipment and medicines in their local or regional stockpiles.Infants and young children cannot care for themselves and require age-appropriate foods (including human milk) as well as assistance in feeding, toileting, and clothing. 2 Safe housing and safety in shelters are also critical.