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DaReaper - 2015-03-08 00:33:59 One of the most popular and heavily used Bitcoin exchanges.It won a start up of the year award, however we do not recommend trading at bitstamp at.

One-line summary: (10 characters minimum) Count: 0 of 55 characters. 3.We kindly ask you to send us a high resolution image of both pages of your international passport and answer the following KYC questionnaire: 1.Bitstamp exchange and trading platform for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP).I have also filled the optional deposit notification page to bitstamp to let them know funds were coming.That Bitstamp is still one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges regardless becomes apparent when looking at the order book.I did a USD deposit as usual from my USD account this Monday.

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Both methods are slow and may take several (2-5) business days to be processed.

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It does not help either that there are only limited cryptocurrency pairs to trade in, as only Ripples can be traded besides Bitcoin.No Bitcoin Deposit fees Free of charge Bitcoin Withdrawal fees Free of charge Platform Most cryptocurrency exchanges excel in design and usability, and Bitstamp is no exception.If the legitimacy score is 0% then the total rating is automatically set to the lowest possible result.This Bitstamp review examines the founders, history, fees, services, trading pairs, and compares to competitors.Its fee structure is said to have fallen behind on competitors, and with a trade fee of 50 basis points by default that should not be surprising.Do not trust your money to them, they are not able to process them properly.CoinDesk reviews the BTC-e exchange, which is seeing increased activity due to difficulties withdrawing funds from Mt. Gox.A bit clunky to get your head around and transaction fees are a little high.

Companies like this are alluding to an easy experience of buying bitcoins using a credit card, without ID.Bitstamp Moves to Luxembourg, Becomes First Nationally-Licensed Exchange.

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I had coinbase and kraken but they were pretty hard to navigate and crashing during high volume.I did a USD deposit as usual from my USD account this Monday morning.The second largest exchange in the world, read Bitstamp review, Trading at Bitstamp Exchange.Excuse was their system got confused on the Currency of the funds to be deposited that was mentioned Eur (unacceptable as no matter how funds are sent in what ever currency, the currency to FUND in my Bistamp account was correctly mentioned as USD-hence no excuse for this unsolicited conversion).

Please submit your review for BWallet - mobile Bitstamp. 1. Rate this product: 2.Had bitstamp been a retail bank, such thing would immediately had been restored and the client may even had received compensation for the stress and trouble caused.Read our BTC-e Review before you try this Bitcoin Exchange and see genuine BTC-e User Ratings.Will contact the regulators in Luxembourg with all screen shots and see what they reply as for sure this is an illegal unsolicited transaction and we should not let Bistamp treating client funds in such irrisponsible way.If Bitstamp later justify my dispute, I will update here Update of Friday 15th Sept: After escalating the matter to their legal and compliance presenting the legal view of this, I got justified and within 1 day only Bistamp restored my USD balance as due.Improve SEO, invite customers to write reviews, and reply for free.

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The Bitstamp is basically a European Union based bitcoin marketplace.This article explains how to buy XRP on Bitstamp using fiat currencies and digital assets.Bitstamp is run from the United Kingdom and is one of the most popular fiat to Bitcoin exchanges.Please describe in as much detail as possible how you use your trading account. 3. What is the origin of the bitcoins deposited to your Bitstamp account.

Same day in the afternoon, Bitstamp uses a very bad exchange rate and converted my USD incoming funds into EUR without any such conversion been asked by me.A few people I know told me after the fact that they lost thousands with BitStamp.They hold your money for unacceptable periods of time, claiming that they have to verify you and ask other documents.Compare and review the best Bitcoin exchanges available. Buy Bitcoins on Bitstamp Bitstamp review coming soon.Any time you want to fund your account or withdraw money there are a tonne of different problems that come up every time.After trying to contact the support team again and not receiving a reply for another week, I eventually gave up and opened an account with a competitor, instead.

Bitstamp is partnering with Simplex to process these payments.Review Click for a special offer; Review Click for a special offer.A weighting factor of 25% is applied to both trading and funding, while a weighting factor of only 15% is applied to both platform and support.Strangely, this section seems to be devoted to praising Bitcoin rather than providing fair information.Bitstamp is a European bitcoin based in Slovenia exchange that has been running continuously since 2011.

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Bitstamp and Poloniex have reported a surge in new users as cryptocurrency prices and press coverage pique mainstream interest.An interesting announcement was made by the Bitstamp exchange yesterday.And they are so picky with your documents, it takes a long time to process because they always find flaws.Thursday 04 February 2016 Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp is now selling real, physical gold, sending it straight to your door.Bitstamp time ticker, showing bitcoin price in USD, also recalculated to EUR and PLN.From version 2.0 the ticker also shows a BTC price of 1kg of gold.It uses web.SEPA transfers are typically faster, but also have to go through an additional step as all currencies are converted to USD which can cause a delay up to one day.For any additional support the exchange can be contacted via email through its ticket system.

In order to do so, we require that an additional KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is completed before are able to further process your future transfers.I would rate this Bitstamp subpar, there basically just do whatever they want when they want.Users in the countries that belong to the SEPA area are lucky, as they can fund their account at relatively low costs.