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Andres Alegria, Prentis Hemphill, Anita Johnson and Claude Marks.Ward Churchill —just-removed Professor at the University of Colorado who has written extensively about COINTELPRO.Law at Emory and Yale Universities and an expert on COINTELPRO.

The FBI director oversaw a controversial domestic spying program called COINTELPRO.Cointelpro 101 Interview with Claude Marks by JR of the SF Bayview.Greetings, March 8th marks the 44th anniversary of the Media, Pennsylvania break-in that helped expose COINTELPRO to the world.COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) is a program of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at investigating and disrupting dissident political.

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Lucy Rodriguez —Puerto Rican Independentista and former Political Prisoner.COINTELPRO was a counterintelligence program run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from roughly 1956 to 1976.Web Exclusive June 02, 2017. Listen. Media Options. Listen. Media.Kathleen Cleaver —former leader of the Black Panther Party, now Professor of.

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Frazier fight as cover to take the COINTELPRO documents — the audience outside of America watching or listening to the bout.

COINTELPRO is the FBI acronym for a series of covert action programs directed against domestic groups.

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Targeting America: The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Project Pedophile.COINTELPRO (a portmanteau derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau.

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ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Dictionaries.Federal Bureau of Investigation.Further ReadingChurchill, Ward, and Jim Vander Wail.

Bob Boyle —Attorney representing many activists and political prisoners targeted by COINTELPRO.By the fall of 1968, the FBI felt it had identified the organization most. likely to succeed as the catalyst of a united black liberation movement in. the U.S. This was the Black Panther Party (BPP), originally established.COINTELPRO The FBI began COINTELPRO—short for Counterintelligence Program—in 1956 to disrupt the activities of the Communist Party of the United States.

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Cointelpro.com The Counter Intelligence Program and the internet. on this page: COINTEL operations to disrupt civil rights and peace movements in 1960s.COINTELPRO The FBI began COINTELPRO—short for Counterintelligence Program—in 1956 to disrupt the activities of the Communist Party of the United States. In the...Definition of Cointelpro from all online and printed dictionaries, photos about Cointelpro.Looking for online definition of COINTELPRO or what COINTELPRO stands for.

COINTELPRO: Counterintelligence program conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1956 to 1971 to discredit and neutralize organizations considered.Civil Engineering Dept at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has concluded fire did not bring down WTC7.

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This documentary will introduce viewers new to this history to the basics and direct them to other resources where they can learn more.BELGIAN COINTELPRO - GANG STALKING COVER-UP 2009-2013 What is gang-stalking.

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